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#369 - Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Welcome to U.S. First Day Cover Public Auction #369. Highlights in the over 350 individual lots and collections include: #295 2c Pan American First Day on card, 563, several early cacheted classics with some unoficials, 654 Emerson, 681 H/P McIntyre, several Beazell’s including a set of 12 704-15 and rare #777 Rhode Island, several rare Farley Sets including 740-49 Farley Serviced w/stuffers, 756-65 sets of 10 by two different “of the period” hand made and hand drawn cachet makers, 752-771 sets including rare oversized Rice covers, plus other sets, strong 3c purples section with hand painteds, many high value $1-$5 prexi covers, better 855’s, nice run of Linto’s and Kuntz cachets into the 1950’s, better Express Mail FDC’s with Bakay, Poormon & Schrage represented. Airmail and B.O.B. start with C3, several c18’s, scarce group of C46’s, plus better WWII Partriots include H/P by Sturgill. Collections are highlighted by the largest and most diverse Julian Pugh Hand Painted collection we have offered with over 7,500 covers.

756-65 Paulson H/D set of 10, unique 704-15 Beazell cacheted set of 12 731a Knapp Hand Painted add-on FDC 732 Rare Grimsland cachet
#295 2c Pan American First Day Post Card 756-65 Unknown hand made set of 10 777 R.I. Beazell cacheted FDC 1358 Fluegel Arkansas rarity
855 Baseball rare cacheted FDC 853 1st Artcraft Sidenius Variety C46 True Usage First Day piece Sturgill H/P WWII Patriotic
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