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#374 - Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Welcome to U.S. First Day Cover Public Auction #374. Highlights in this 400 lots auction include: A selection of scarce L.W. Staehle FDC's, early classic and neo-classics, better hand painteds with Knapp & Weigand as well as contemporary makers. Better back of the book and a couple fine collections of hand painted Collins & Pugh cachets to round out the sale.

634 Electric Aye FDC 606 Line Strip o f 4 630 White Plains S/S 907 Knapp hand painted
597 Line Strip of four 855 Harry Simon cachet 924 Knapp rare Bert size 1933 Inaugural with rare signature
C25A Hand Painted OTP 924 Knapp rare Bert size WWII H/P Patriotic Canada #274 Knapp H/P
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