What is a cachet?
A cachet is a design of words and/or pictures which relate to the new stamp. Usually the design is located on the front left of the envelope; however some cachets take up the entire space of the envelope. Early cachets in the 1930’s were primarily rubber stamped or printed in one or two colors. Over the years, cachets have taken on a far wider assortment of types, including hand drawn, hand painted and multicolor printed cachets. Additionally, the number of individuals and companies that produce cachets has grown from a handful to the hundreds. The number of cachets produced for a specific stamp issue often depends on the popularity of the stamp subject. In 1983, the Babe Ruth stamp issue generated more than 700 different cachets. Currently the USPS issues so many new stamps each year that there are only a handful of cachet makers who produce a cachet for each issue.

"Over-all" Cachet

Fleetwood Cachet